The Silent Trimester…


In theory, the first trimester of pregnancy should be one of the happiest and most exciting times in a woman’s life. But for many women, including me it was a whirlwind of emotions. Ultimately you are so excited but mixed with pregnancy hormones, nausea, fatigue and the significant threat of miscarriage can conspire to turn this celebratory time into 12 weeks of fear!

Keeping #babymann a secret was tough, the lies and excuses never got easier as the weeks went on. Every niggling feeling I had or felt I craved the support and understanding of those around me but societal pressures told me to keep quiet. Mainly down to ‘anything can happen and superstition’ I have been left thinking I wish the first trimester was a bit more enjoyable. I found it difficult not knowing anything about my baby until we had our first scan at 12 weeks. I am left wondering how many of us feel like this?

I wanted to share some of the symptoms I experienced and what excuses I used to hide our little #babymann.

The tiredness; Wow I have never experienced tiredness like this before! I now fully understand the meaning of when I have heard ‘you have never felt tiredness like a pregnant women!’ I can only imagine it gets worse when you have barely no sleep when the baby is born, ( trying not to think about this part)  but honestly feeling exhausted has been so hard! Luckily working from home was a godsend as I was able to have a 20 minute nap at lunch time just to get me through the day!

The excuse:  Suffering from really bad wedding blues, being run down, or ‘ I must be coming down with something’ My advice to anyone experiencing this, is get as many early nights as possible to catch up on and sleep. It’s also OK to say no to things aswell. I think in the early weeks, it’s so easy to forget you are growing a tiny person and they are taking most of your energy!

Nausea;  Like many women, I was feeling sick most days on and off.  The waves of feeling sick have been at times, unbearable and uncomfortable and had me feeling that I would just feel so much better if I actually threw up. I have been so so lucky to not have had any sickness! I am however touching all the wood in sight and hoping it doesn’t come on all of a sudden!

The excuse: Sickness Bug or having an ear infection causing dizziness and nausea. For me having an ice cold drink helped, and I also carried round mini cheddars, digestives and crisps.  Eating little and often helped with keeping the nausea at bay! I also found getting up slowly and not rushing around helped too.

The not drinking; this has been a hard one to give up even though i’m not a huge drinker but I do love a glass of Prosseco now and again! Roll on February!

The excuse; Being the designated driver or i’m on antibiotics worked well! I did attend a wedding recently and  opted for appletizer in a wine glass with ice- the perfect disguise drink!

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