Is it right that society and social media can scare us into following suit?



25% of mums have a c-section because it’s the safest option.  I’m not saying having a c section is wrong, far from it! I was born via c section due to complications and i’m so glad that they are available to women in these situations and will 100% be open to considering this option should I need to. 

I am soon to be a new mum,  and coming across this Telegraph article earlier today has really made me question how much glamorisation has been put on having a c section through society and social media. Would you watch a programme on births if they were all in a calm situation?  The drama added to reality and soap TV shows add impact to entice and create suspense, leading to a fear of childbirth, known as Tocophobia. What effect is this having on us as women and to our mental wellbeing being towards birth? 

I for one have decided not to watch birthing programmes or read peoples stories on birth, as I want to experience this for myself and not be put off and be made to feel scared, just because something traumatic happened to someone else. I love hearing about other people’s experiences, that’s life isn’t it? but not to the point where I feel I have to follow a trend because everyone is doing it. 

Whilst I agree everyone has a right to share their story, it is down to the individual to listen, watch or engage with it. C sections are not and should not be compared to the latest trend just because everyone seems to be is doing it out of choice. 

The impact surgery has on a person is traumatic on the body and the long period of recovery time is something that can not be rushed! Why are we being made to feel that we should follow this latest fad? 

I’d love to hear what you think on this topic.


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  1. Lolita Nwaigwe
    September 13, 2018 / 7:30 pm

    I never set out to have a C-section it wasn’t a choice it was to save my and my baby’s life. I hate it when am told I chose the easy way out. At the end of the day all we aim for is the safe arrival of our babies. But my next baby I will choose a C-section again because of the traumatic end to my last pregnancy #mybodymychoice.

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